June 7th - Seattle


Mark McDiarmid, VP - Radio Network Engineering, T-Mobile

Paul Brody, Partner - Technology Strategy, E&Y

Rasmus Hellburg, Senior Director, Qualcomm

Hank Skorny, SVP - IoT, Neustar

Chetan Sharma, CEO, Chetan Sharma Consulting (moderator)
Seattle. Atlanta. London. Vancouver.

Seattle: Connected Intelligence: At the Intersection of 5G and IoT

Two of the hottest topics in the wireless industry are 5G and IoT and we are going to tackle both of them. US has been the undisputed leader on 4G and the expansion of LTE networks nationwide. Can it maintain its lead with Korea, Japan, Europe look to wrestle the initiative back? What will really drive 5G - applications, services, throughput, economics? Can new business models emerge that help fund the network cycle? Can spectrum be decoupled from the network? Will we see open access network providers? Each network evolution cycle generates 3x the revenue from the previous cycle. Will 5G be any different? IoT is a key component of the 5G story. How will 5G help IoT? What are the key requirements before IoT shows its true potential? How will the security and fragmentation issues be solved?


Mobile Breakfast Series - Seattle is taking a deeper look at the intersection of 5G and IoT and the opportunities that represents, the challenges it faces, and the timeline for success. This panel will take a look at the fundamental elements of 5G and IoT that will be a key layer for the Connected Intelligence Era.


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"I found the Mobile Breakfast Series to be informative and great for networking. We had 3 very substantial followup meetings from connections made at the event."

- Mike McSherry, CEO, Swype  


"The Mobile Breakfast Series is a unique event - all the right people sitting down together to tackle the hardest problems in our industry"

- Dan Shapiro, CEO, Ontela  


"You always manage to attract a very high caliber audience to these events."

- Bill Bryant, Managing Partner, DFJ  


"Mobile Breakfast Series is more than just a gathering of local greats in the industry. Chetan's choreography of experts and topics created a unique environment that exposed key insights and analysis that was immediately useful later that day."

- Elizabeth Rosenbaum, VP, Intrinsyc



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